Would you like to step inside my mind?

you can have a try

just a warning before you do

you are bound to cry

this place is dark and the switch is hard to find

I guess it’s hard tryna let shit slide

you’ll see that :

I’m a hoarder, no borders

brain numbed from all the sodas

you’ll soon figure out I’m a loner

for you to be in the situation of writing this, or even worse actually reading this

you must be going through some form of difficulties

difficulties I’d also choose not to face alone

these predicaments are what leave me up at night stoned


don’t be like me

I’m just prone to be alone

I need a travel partner to journey with me through this bad trip

we’ll separate when the boat rifts, let’s hope the water isn’t too frosty when we slip

did you know:

self love doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t need the love of others

it’s a certain moment in time when you realize your own energy is enough.

weird right?

fuck codependency

grab a spliff and a bottle of gin, I’ll see you tomorrow

as I start my nights thinking about truths that are hard to swallow


I want to be taken to a forest where I can over stimulate and wallow in my thoughts

next to a willow tree

sitting on a crown of thorns


a side note for imagery

I want you to know that I am fragile

close to being unborn

but what about love?

does that still exist?

here are 2 archives I wrote, relatively about thus said “love”

my last attempt
was I the toxic one?

a sweet addiction to pot and falling in love with broken girls

all he remembers is the smell of lavender and her long black curls

why I lust for these girls, I don’t know myself

To be honest, I don’t mind seeing her with another guy

I live for her to be happy even if it means I’d suffer in the long run

doesn’t sound fun?

yeah I’m pretty pathetic when it comes to love

but what can we do?

in a generation dulled with social contrasts and contradictions

no wonder we struggle with gender and sexuality appropriation

Am I homophobic? Or are you just heterophobic ?

don’t answer that.

I end up just taking these herbs to help distract myself whilst trying to find happiness

wherever that mistress is hiding.

I ended up resenting this girl, what is love?
listen to “the youth” by MGMT, eargasms on eargasms

when will you realize that beauty isn’t a image nor a perception but a feeling

when will you realize that it’s different

my remarks might not make sense right now but forgive me

for I have a female right next to me whom I would take the shoreline with bliss

roll a blunt up

give it a spark

my luck may run out and she’ll soon figure out that her complexion is dark

the skin of an angel

beauty marked with a stance, my description couldn’t be as simple

how could one dismiss such a voice? But listen to so much noise

your sweet aroma, oh sweet A****a

this is so cringe.

here are some tweets I want you to see

I’m proud of this guy right here


Rule number 2 : ALWAYS FIGHT THE MAN

beat the system.

a letter of encouragement to my future lover

my insecurities are not for you to heal

those are my own problems

fully investing our happiness into each other? I don’t know about all that.

but just hear me out…

let’s create a space, a safe one

one where we know things won’t always be peaceful

a space where we build each other’s characters without tainting our originality

a place of honesty

a space where we establish an emotional connection that can’t be tarnished even through mental hardships

my health is your health

we’re not doing this to conquer some type of social “goals”

we’re combining two good and peaceful energies into one.

think of us as a covalent bond

(I dropped physics after a year)

love with no restrictions

Because that’s where I think connections go wrong, when you start placing restrictions from the jump you know

don’t be alarmed at how calm I react to things you’d consider serious

never assume that I don’t care

at the end of the day it’s all love and I chose you

I know we wish they didn’t but Terms and conditions do apply

why do you think I always wear caps?

ARE WE SAFE? (a collaborative piece)

tis no place for the weak hearted

for weak is another word for good

you only make it out by playing by the rules

be a hoe, protect your heart



give up one otherwise your love life will stay on limbo

I chose to give up my body so I can protect my heart

a great bargain

a fair exchange?

a hard deal

tis no place for hopeless romantics.

-Asante Khwela

hi it’s me again, Thabani

as a lad, I can’t express my happiness to the world

Cause this leads to trouble
especially if this happiness was sparked by a hun who dug me out of a rubble

“OH YOU CUFFED NOW, JUST WAIT TILL DECEMBER”- some Twitter troll told me

I spat on their envy

But they were right


due to “unforseen” circumstances my luck had ran out with this dame

how lame

to be in love while being in a generation that thinks love is a game

no these are not the games we play

What ever happened to going out your way to show someone you loved them?
Oh yeah, terms were created

“bad bitches”

I spit on your naivety
for in a world full of players of this “game”


a hopeless romantic, cannot live.


What is PEACE?

PEACE is a concept I created, it is the label I put on my aesthetic I managed to manifest over time. It is not one specific thing, I express PEACE through various mediums of art (poetry, clothing customisation, overlayed art,visuals, film edits etc). In this sense I have done poetry mixed with some thermo visuals I made this past month. Fun yes but this is only the start of things, i believe in PEACE and I know I might not have the strongest following rn but just know if you’re reading this, you’re definitely early to the party and I appreciate it, more content to come. πŸ™‚ PEACE

(ps I didn’t invent the word peace, it has its own definition)

special thanks to my friend Asante who put a feminine touch in the last part of my piece, you’ll definitely be seeing more of her poetry soon ! Hopefully, depends on her reallyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜”

a guilty plea

it’s sad how we can read between the lines

but we tend to never know when we cross them

dot my T and I’s just to show i am informed

try to feel empowered, swear one day I will perform

in her honor I will soar

till that day comes ill let my tears fucken pour

more more more more

pour pour pour pour

my lids dried up like an egyptian well

“yes sir, there’s a water leakage at the place I dwell”

somebody help.

First line

your intentions

are their good or bad?

is this a minor fling?

Shall we call this “love” or are we just a thing

you see, I have a longterm mentality

I actually knew you didn’t give a fuck
and that was a dark reality, more of a realization

sad how all our conversations were just part of a teenage fantasy we didn’t know we were facing

now im steady pacing away from your intentions


walking through Nicole’s garden
sunlight beams reign

i’m dying of thirst.

eyes lower than my very own self esteem, now that’s untold pain

I’ve experienced the illusion of “love”, now I tend to refrain

the phase where lies occur and bad intentions are gained

*brain delay*

oh crap, the rain

as my white tee soaks up, I decline “love” from another dame

I thirst for a divine feminine who will not know of my fame

a letter to my ex

To my high school sweetheart turned to a long term friend.

I won’t lie, there were times I’ve never had a single thought of you in my head, although I should also confess those times were also misty, almost dark. Was I even happy then? I don’t remember, goddamn xannax.

State of panic

What a rush

Should I confess more? I’m in a sudden state of fear of knowing fully well the net will find this cringe

But shit here I go.

You’re the only person I know with two hearts, one there and one there. How can ones skin be so fair? it’s unfair.

My friends saved you as Mrs M, we were young but you have to admit that sure does mean something now that I think about it.

I shouldn’t have focused so much on our naivity

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